Characteristics of 54 wood mill worker study participants

ParametersFungus positiveFungus negativep-value
Participants n1935
Age years42.5±10.436.9±5.20.04
Height cm172.05±4.76173.20±5.420.43
BMI kg·m−221.9±3.321.2±2.30.44
Ever-smokers8 (42.1)12 (34.3)0.79
Employment years15.8±8.113.0±4.20.18
Parental asthma6 (31.6)7 (20.0)0.54
  • Data are presented as mean±sd or n (%), unless otherwise stated. All participants were male. p-values are based on t-test for age and height, Wilcoxon rank sum test for body mass index (BMI) and employment years, and Chi-squared test for smoking status and parental asthma.