Mediation analysis for the association between fungal appearance, lung function and sputum inflammatory cells

ModelPredictorsFEF25–75% % predicted
β (95% CI)p-valueR2
Model 1Fungus positivity−12.7 (−16.9– −8.5)<0.0010.45
Model 2Eosinophil %−2.1 (−2.8– −1.5)<0.0010.49
Model 3Fungus positivity−3.5 (−13.9–6.9)0.510.48
and eosinophil %−1.6 (−3.3–0.06)0.06
  • All models included age, smoking status (current versus former or never) and years of employment. FEF25–75%: forced expiratory flow at 25–75% of forced vital capacity; β: adjusted regression coefficient; R2: determination coefficient.