Response rate (RR), progression-free survival (PFS) and survival in randomised trials with salvage chemotherapy for relapsing small cell lung cancer

First author [ref.]RegimenRR %PFSMST6-month survival %1-year survival %
Von Pawel [8]VAC1812.3 weeks25 weeks4514.4
Topotecan2413.3 weeks25 weeks4714.2
OBrien [4]Topotecan716.3 weeks25.9 weeks49
BSC13.9 weeks26
Eckardt [9]Topotecan oral1811.9 weeks33 weeks32.6
Topotecan IV2214.6 weeks35 weeks29.2
Inoue [27]Amrubicin383.5 months8.1 months
Topotecan132.2 months8.4 months
Jotte [28]Amrubicin444.5 months9.2 months6036
Topotecan153.3 months7.6 months5433
Present studyVAC-VA202.6 months5.3 months506
  • MST: median survival time; VAC: doxorubicin, vindesine and cyclophosphamide; BSC: best supportive care; VA: valproic acid.