Associations between each 10 cm2·m−2 increase in tSMI or lSMI and death, NRS breathlessness, post-6MWT breathlessness (Borg) and 6MWT distance#

Subjects n8650
Death hazard ratio (95% CI)0.94 (0.70–1.26)0.97 (0.57–1.64)
Breathlessness (0–10, NRS)0.08 (p=0.80)0.82 (p=0.18)
Exertional breathlessness (Borg)0.02 (p=0.96)0.56 (p=0.42)
6MWT distance m−0.57 (p=0.96)−18.1 (p=0.54)
  • Data are presented as β-coefficients, unless otherwise stated. tSMI: thorax skeletal muscle index; lSMI: lumber skeletal muscle index; NRS: numerical rating scale; 6MWT: 6-min walk test. #: adjusted for age, sex, pack-years of smoking, presence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and handgrip weakness.