Clinical, anthropometric and polygraphic data for the three groups of subjects stratified according to the baroreflex sensitivity threshold

BRS <3 ms·mmHg−1BRS >3 ms·mmHg−1 and <6 ms·mmHg−1BRS >6 ms·mmHg−1p-value
Subjects n76292433
BMI kg·cm−227.3±3.725.5±3.825.1±3.7<0.001
Neck circumference cm39.2±3.737.0±3.836.7±4.0<0.001
Hypertension %684840<0.001
Diabetes %4410.03
Dyslipidaemia %473533ns
Alcohol %4125230.009
Smoking %261266<0.001
SBP 24-h mmHg127.6±16.8120.0±13.9117.1±13.5<0.001
DBP 24-h mmHg81.2±9.276.1±7.675.1±7.6<0.001
SBP diurnal mmHg130.1±16.9123.5±15.7121.7±13.4<0.001
DBP diurnal mmHg80.5±9.176.8±8.776.6±7.50.001
SBP nocturnal mmHg115.1±13.7107.2±15.8105.3±15.2<0.001
DBP nocturnal mmHg71.0±8.266.1±9.765.7±8.9<0.001
BRS ms·mmHg−12.9±0.54.6±0.99.2±3.2<0.001
AHI events·h−123.5±15.220.1±14.220.0±15.00.001
ODI events·h−113.2±10.59.4±9.18.6±9.3<0.001
Mean SpO2 %94.6±1.795.3±1.695.4±1.80.001
Minimal SpO2 %87.9±4.489.7±3.990.0±4.0<0.001
Time with SpO2 <90% %3.7±6.92.0±6.41.5±5.00.006
Respiratory AAI events·h−118.2±12.415.4±10.315.2±10.3<0.001
  • Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. BMI: body mass index; SBP: systolic blood pressure; DBP: diastolic blood pressure; BRS: baroreceptor sensitivity; AHI: apnoea–hypopnoea index; ODI: oxygen desaturation index; SpO2: oxygen saturation measured by pulse oximetry; AAI: autonomic arousal index; ns: nonsignificant. Significance was determined by ANOVA.