Tidal breathing parameters in 30 infants at term age measured with Volusense Pediatrics (VSP) (VoluSense, Bergen, Norway) without and with simultaneous application of a facemask

VSP onlyVSP+mask simultaneouslyMean difference (95% CI)Per cent difference (95% CI)p-value
Number of breathing cycles analysed44.1±14.160.2±26.3
Tidal breathing parameters
VT mL15.0±3.120.1±4.35.0 (4.2–5.9)34.3 (29.2–39.5)0.0001
VT mL·kg−14.5±1.26.1±1.71.5 (1.3–1.8)34.3 (29.2–39.5)0.0001
VE·mL·min−1·kg−1275.7±91.8358.7±113.883.0 (57.0–109.0)33.8 (24.2–43.4)0.0001
 Respiratory rate per min63.0±19.761.4±16.0−1.6 (−4.8–1.6)−0.2 (−5.4–4.9)0.31
 PTEF mL·s−146.6±16.962.1±22.715.5 (9.9–21.1)37.5 (24.9–50.2)0.0001
tPTEF/tE %41.5±10.842.2±11.40.7 (−2.8–4.2)3.7 (−5.5–13.0)0.69
tI/tE %78.9±9.789.4±13.410.4 (6.4–14.5)13.7 (8.5–18.9)0.0001
 TEF50/PTEF %90.3±5.792.2±6.02.0 (0.5–3.4)2.2 (0.6–3.9)0.009
  • Data are presented as mean±sd unless otherwise stated. VT: tidal volume; VE: minute ventilation. PTEF: peak tidal expiratory flow; tPTEF: time to peak tidal expiratory flow; tE: total expiratory time; tI: inspiratory time; TEF50: tidal expiratory flow at 50% of expiratory volume. p-values are from paired-sample t-tests.