Risk of bias of the included study [21]

Authors’ judgementSupport for judgement
Random sequence generationInadequateAllocated by alternation
Allocation concealmentInadequateNo concealment
Blind outcome assessmentInadequateNo blinding
Incomplete outcome dataAdequateAll participants who commenced the study are accounted for
Selective reporting (reporting bias)AdequateData for all primary and secondary measures (detailed in the methods) has been reported
Other biasInadequatePercentage predicted forced expiratory volume in 1 s was lower in the intervention group and fewer patients started pulmonary rehabilitation in the winter than in the control group. These covariates were reported as not being associated with outcomes but data was not provided. Pulmonary rehabilitation did not deliver similar improvements in routine clinical outcome measures between groups
Overall risk of biasHighMore than one criterion deemed inadequate