Subject characteristics

Age years29±329±20.68
Sex male: female11:111:1
Height cm163±6174±20.17
Weight kg59.5±8.271.4±1.90.26
FVC L (% pred)1.14±0.24 (23.9±4.1)5.10±0.21 (99.5±3.0)<10−11<10−12
FEV1 L (% pred)1.03±0.19 (27.8±4.6)4.10±0.18 (102.4±4.8)<10−10<10−9
TLC L (% pred)2.72±0.48 (44.6±5.9)6.77±0.24 (97.1±2.4)<10−7<10−7
VC L (% pred)1.17±0.23 (24.03±4.0)5.24±0.18 (102.8±3.5)<10−11<10−11
IC L (% pred)0.96±0.21 (29.1±4.8)3.43±0.17 (95.9±4.9)<10−8<10−8
FRC L (% pred)1.77±0.29 (62.2±7.8)3.30±0.19 (97.3±4.3)<10−11<10−3
ERV L (% pred)0.22±0.06 (12.5±2.6)1.78±0.10 (103.2±5.6)<10−11<10−10
RV L (% pred)1.55±0.27 (118.1±16.4)1.52±0.12 (91.5±5.1)0.920.32
MIP cmH2O (% pred)29.6±6.02 (28.5±7.7)132.89±7.17 (126.3±6.7)<10−9<10−8
MEP cmH2O (% pred)29.5±6.69 (21.4±5.3)165.58±11.34 (116.3±7.4)<10−9<10−9
PEF L·s−1 (% pred)2.67±0.38 (32.9±4.2)10.20±0.56 (113.0±5.6)<10−6
PCF L·s−12.49±0.3910.07±0.50<10−8
VT L0.41±0.030.96±0.06<10−7
fR bpm27±214±1.7<10−4
VE L·min−110.6±0.612.6±1.30.19
Heart rate beats·min−183±673±50.34
Pa mmHg87±680±40.36
  • Data are presented as mean±sem (% predicted), unless otherwise stated. RMW: respiratory muscle weakness; FVC: forced vital capacity; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; TLC: total lung capacity; VC: vital capacity; IC: inspiratory capacity; FRC: functional residual capacity; ERV: expiratory reserve volume; RV: residual volume; MIP: maximum inspiratory pressure; MEP: maximum expiratory pressure; PEF: peak expiratory flow; PCF: peak cough flow; VT: tidal volume; fR: respiratory frequency; VE: minute ventilation; Pa: mean arterial pressure. #: p-values for comparisons of absolute measures of subject characteristics in the RMW group versus controls. : p-values for comparisons of % pred measures of lung function parameters in the RMW group versus controls.