Lung volume recruitment data

PEFLVR L·s−13.72±0.249.55±0.63<10−4
MIC L2.04±0.355.33±0.21<10−6
MICVC difference L0.97±0.210.08±0.220.002
Pmo cmH2O31.9±2.4838.9±1.680.03
Inflation time s2.56±0.282.25±0.290.45
Plateau time+ s6.42±0.607.18±0.550.37
  • Data are presented as mean±sem, unless otherwise stated. RMW: respiratory muscle weakness; PEFLVR: peak expiratory flow during lung volume recruitment; MIC: maximal insufflation capacity; VC: vital capacity; Pmo: mouth pressure. #: p-values for comparisons between the RMW group versus controls; : time required to reach maximal Pmo during lung volume recruitment; +: time maximal Pmo was held during lung volume recruitment.