Best-performing models on multivariable Cox proportional hazards analysis

Hazard ratio (95% CI)SignificanceModel significance
Baseline variables#
 Male2.278 (1.126–4.608)0.022<0.001
 LTOT initiation2.050 (1.156–3.636)0.014
 FVC1.020 (0.999–1.041)0.058
 DLCO0.985 (0.970–1.000)0.044
 Inability to perform DLCO assessment2.915 (1.380–6.158)0.005
12-month follow-up
 DLCO0.953 (0.931–0.974)<0.001<0.001
 Change in DLCO0.984 (0.972–0.997)0.014
 Male1.933 (0.886–4.219)0.098

Data are presented as mean (95% CI), unless otherwise stated. LTOT: long-term oxygen therapy; FVC: forced vital capacity; DLCO: diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide. #: n=167; : n=126.