Correlation of key themes

Theme ATheme BPearson's correlation coefficient
Patient aspectsData quality0.57
Physician resistanceComputer access needed0.53
Physician resistanceData quality0.52
Retraining neededPhysician resistance0.50
System issuesRetraining needed0.48
System issuesPhysician resistance0.45
Retraining neededData quality0.43
Physician resistancePatient aspects0.43
Data qualityBenefits0.43
System issuesData quality0.42
Physician resistanceExpand registry access0.41
Retraining neededExpand registry access0.39
Reporting issuesData quality0.37
Data qualityData entry issues0.37
  • There were 55 possible correlations of various themes that ranged from 0.08 to 0.57. This table represents the first 14 paired themes in rank order of correlation.