Comparison of responses by age categories

TotalAge categories yearsPost hoc test




Subjects n30332968788
Q1: I am satisfied with the national TB registry5.55±1.414.88±2.215.52±1.355.57±1.195.80±1.25④>① p=0.009*
Q2: I have the required capacity to use all features of the national TB registry linked to my responsibilities5.66±1.355.69±1.595.59±1.305.71±1.215.68±1.45
Q3: I do not need more training on the national TB registry3.93±2.403.56±2.463.68±2.404.07±2.434.19±2.35
Q4: I am happy with the available support and infrastructure for the national TB registry4.91±1.884.13±2.184.82±1.815.00±1.775.19±1.91④>① p=0.031*
Q5: It does not take me long to enter or find information in the national TB registry5.16±1.884.44±2.365.15±1.895.16±1.755.44±1.76④>① p=0.048*
Q6: The national TB registry helps me to improve case management6.14±1.305.53±1.796.08±1.196.17±1.296.40±1.16④>① p=0.007**
Q7: The training I received on the national TB registry is adequate4.89±1.994.78±2.134.60±2.095.08±1.935.07±1.88
Q8: The information needed for case management is available in the national TB registry6.06±1.255.53±1.816.05±1.176.06±1.266.26±1.03④>① p=0.024*
Q9: Generating reports from the paper system is faster than the national TB registry#2.59±2.511.78±2.392.91±2.642.31±2.232.82±2.62
Q10: The national TB registry does not help me identify errors or inaccuracies in patient files#3.01±2.522.13±2.393.56±2.623.08±2.432.65±2.43②>① p=0.026*
Q11: My workplace productivity has improved because of the national TB registry5.73±1.605.13±2.245.56±1.725.78±1.476.08±1.21④>① p=0.020*
Q12: The national TB registry is reliable5.82±1.415.50±1.935.68±1.495.85±1.226.07±1.23

Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. A scale of 0–7 was used, where 0=strongly disagree and 7=strongly agree. Respondents were shown two ends of the scale for each question and were asked to rate their responses accordingly. #: reverse-worded questions. *: p<0.05, **: p<0.01 (Tukey's honest significant difference).