Multicentre comparison of forced vital capacity (FVC) in chronic hypersensitivity patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy

Baseline FVC % predicted
 University of Chicago (n=93)61.4±19.356.7±14.660.2±16.30.627
 National Jewish Health (n=99)64.6±19.166.4±21.069.1±19.30.730
 University of Kansas Medical Center (n=60)68.8±13.557.0±14.565.4±20.50.093
 Columbia University Medical Center (n=15)75.0±14.060.0±14.00.063
 University of California Davis (n=10)65.0±8.034.0±0.065.0±21.00.278
Mean FVC change after 52 weeks
 University of Chicago (n=34)−1.2±14.9%−7.6±14.8%−2.3±10.9%0.545
 University of Kansas Medical Center (n=60)0.7±15.5%5.7±11.1%8.8±14.6%0.434
 Columbia University Medical Center (n=15)−3.2±12.7%−3.3±14.1%0.990

Data are presented as mean±sd unless otherwise stated. Due to variation in data availability across multiple tertiary centres, only patients with FVC data available at baseline and at the 52-week time-point were included in this analysis; 52 week follow-up FVC data were not available for the National Jewish Health and University of California Davis cohorts. National Jewish Health: prednisone (PRED), n=73; azathioprine (AZA), n=19; mycophenolate mofetil (MMF), n=7. University of Kansas Medical Center: PRED, n=30; AZA, n=13; MMF, n=17. Columbia University Medical Center: PRED, n=6; AZA, n=0; MMF, n=9. University of California Davis: PRED, n=4; AZA, n=1; MMF, n=5.