Model comparison for effect of additional therapy on forced vital capacity over 36 months in patients with chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis

Model 1#Model 2Model 3+
PRED cohortNo or additional therapy§p-valuePREDƒ cohortNo or additional therapy§p-valuePRED cohortNo or additional therapy§p-value
PRED versus no therapy−10.0±4.25%−1.3±2.44%0.042−7.3±5.4%−7.3±5.4%0.999−8.5±4.0%−0.2±2.2%0.036
PRED versus MMF−10.8±2.65%−10.1±2.65%0.864−3.0±3.4%−3.0±3.4%0.999−6.5±1.7%−7.4±2.2%0.708
PRED versus DMD−11.5±3.60%−9.4±4.32%0.585−4.6±2.8%−4.7±2.8%0.999−6.3±2.2%−8.2±2.6%0.644

Data are presented as mean±se change in forced vital capacity unless otherwise stated. PRED: prednisone; MMF: mycophenolate mofetil; DMD: disease-modifying drug (MMF or azathioprine). #: mixed-effects regression model estimates of change at baseline and at 36 weeks post-therapy; : difference-in-difference model estimates of change in slope before and after initiating steroid-sparing agent during the 36-week period; +: shared parameter model jointly estimates of change at baseline and at 36 weeks post-therapy in addition to survival analysis in study cohort; ; §: additional therapy with steroid-sparing agent; ƒ: initiation of PRED monotherapy was associated with a mean forced vital capacity change of −7.3%.