Clinical features and biomarkers that can be used to differentiate between allergic and eosinophilic T2-high severe asthma

allergic-predominant asthma
eosinophilic-predominant asthma
1Early onsetLate onset
2SPT/RAST+ with clinically significant allergies#SPT/RAST– or + with no clinically significant allergies
3IgE >100 IU·mL−1IgE <100 IU·mL−1
4Allergic rhinitisNasal polyps
5High FENO (30–50 ppb)Very high FENO (>50 ppb)
6Blood eosinophils <300 cells·μL−1Blood eosinophils >300 cells·μL−1#

SPT: skin prick test; RAST: radioallergosorbent test; FENO: exhaled nitric oxide fraction. Check the number of relevant patient characteristics per column. If a patient has more features from column A or B it is more likely that he/she has allergic- or eosinophilic-predominant asthma, respectively. If the patient shares features from both columns, it is more likely that he/she suffers from eosinophilic/allergic overlap asthma. #: obligatory characteristics for allergic and/or eosinophilic asthma.