Expiratory breathing characteristics calculated from flow data from a mechanical ventilator during the first 48 h of life in 33 extremely premature infants with or without later development of moderate/severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD)

Preterm-born neonates
later developing no/mild BPD
Preterm-born neonates
later developing moderate/severe BPD
Subjects n1518
PTEF per kg mL·s−127.6 (22.1–33.2)30.2 (25.7–34.7)0.45
tPTEF/tE21.1 (15.7–26.5)23.4 (19.8–26.9)0.44
TEF50/PTEF %71.8 (62.9–80.6)85.1 (81.8–88.4)0.007
TEF75/PTEF %44.1 (33.7–54.5)51.3 (44.2–58.5)0.22
FVg0.42 (0.39–0.44)0.44 (0.42–0.45)0.12

Data are presented as mean (95% CI), unless otherwise stated. tPTEF: time to peak tidal expiratory flow; tE: expiratory time; TEFn: tidal expiratory flow at n% of expired volume; PTEF: peak tidal expiratory flow; FVg: flow volume gravity. #: independent samples t-test.