Multivariate analysis of factors associated with post-nivolumab overall survival

Multivariate analysis
Hazard ratio (95% CI)p-value
Sex (male versus female)0.92 (0.62–1.36)0.67
Number of injections of nivolumab0.95 (0.00–0.997)0.036
Performance status at nivolumab initiation (0–1 versus 2–4)0.999 (0.60–1.65)0.998
Performance status at first tumour evaluation (0–1 versus 2–4)1.60 (0.97–2.65)0.065
Post-nivolumab treatment (yes versus no)2.55 (1.68–3.89)<0.0001
Histology (squamous versus nonsquamous)1.47 (0.96–2.27)0.079

Bold type represents statistical significance.