Key research priorities ranked by mean score

RankResearch prioritiesTheme (topic)#Consensus %Mean score
1Patient understanding of asthma control2 (8)914.47
2The clinical and cost-effectiveness of respiratory nurse interventions3 (13)904.45
3The impact of nurse-led clinics on patient care3 (13)924.41
4Inhaler technique2 (2)834.40
5=Prevention of exacerbations2 (5)924.39
5=Symptom management2 (5)924.39
6Integrated approaches to delivery of care by respiratory nurses with palliative care services4 (16)874.35
7Self-management and education related to bronchiectasis2 (9)864.35
8Smoking behaviours in teenagers and children and adults1 (1)814.31
9The impact of training on the quality of spirometry3 (14)884.32
10The psychological management of anxiety and depression2 (4)884.28

#: Theme 1: Prevention of respiratory disease and related disability; Theme 2: Disease management; Theme 3: Organisation and delivery of care; Theme 4: Palliative care; see table 3 for topic numbering; : top ranked within own topic.