Distribution and changes to survey items and topics between rounds

TopicRound 1
Change to
Round 2
Round 2
Change to
Round 3
Round 3
1Approaches to the prevention of respiratory disease6+17−34
2Self-management of chronic respiratory disease7+18−17
3Pulmonary rehabilitation8−35−23
4Psychological interventions30303
5Management of long-term respiratory conditions10−4606
6Family and unpaid carers3−1202
7Management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease404−13
8Management of asthma6−15−14
9Management of bronchiectasis303−21
10Management of cystic fibrosis#3−3000
11Management of interstitial lung disease2+2404
12Management of obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome#2−2000
13Organisation and delivery of care9−18−17
14Education and training of nurses4+37−16
15Telehealth and telemedicine#4−4000
16Palliative care4+1505

#: Topics 10, 12 and 15 were removed based on analysis of Round 1 data, leaving 13 topics for Rounds 2 and 3.