Echocardiographic variables grouped according to severity of pulmonary hypertension at right heart catheterisation (RHC)

Availability %Derivation cohort, totalmPAP <25mmHgmPAP 25–34mmHgmPAP ≥35mmHgp-value
Subjects 228467985 
TRVmax m·s−1923.7±0.63.3±0.53.6±0.54.0±0.6<0.001
RVSP mmHg9266±1953±1361±1876±17<0.001
Pulmonary acceleration time ms9377±1882±1780±1970±14<0.001
Systolic eccentricity index821.4±0.41.1±0.21.2±0.31.6±0.5<0.001
Early PRVmax m·s−1202.5±0.52.0±0.32.3±0.52.7±0.40.001
RAP mmHg99.55 (5–10)5 (5–10)5 (5–10)10 (5–10)0.008
Fractional area change %9337±841±839±734±8<0.001
Right atrial area cm29320±815±418±624±8<0.001
TAPSE cm921.8±0.51.9±0.41.9±0.51.7±0.4<0.001
RV:LV short axis dimension ratio (systolic)810.9 (0.7–1.4)0.7 (0.6–0.9)1.0 (0.6–1.1)1.3 (0.9–2.0)<0.001

Data are presented as n, mean±sd or median (interquartile range), unless otherwise stated. mPAP: mean pulmonary pressure at RHC; TRVmax: maximum tricuspid regurgitation velocity; RVSP: right ventricular systolic pressure; PRVmax: maximum diastolic pulmonary regurgitation velocity; RAP: right atrial pressure; TAPSE: tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion; RV: right ventricular; LV: left ventricular.