Appreciation of the educational project in relationship to the narrative style

“Core” parallel charts“Contingent” parallel charts“Moral” parallel charts
The project influenced my daily practice
 Yes, partially or entirely85% (n=113)83% (n=112)60% (n=28)
“This approach has greatly improved my relationship with patients, making me understand that empathy associated with drug therapy can be useful in treating not only the disease but also the person”
“Yes! I am more confident about the good performance of my prescriptions”
 No0% (n=0)5% (n=7)17% (n=8)
“I'm not used to writing parallel charts. I don't know how to describe my feelings, I honestly don't really like it”
 I already applied this approach15% (n=20)12% (n=16)23% (n=11)
“I like to think of my patients not just as clinical cases, I think I do this every day. Sure, writing is another thing, but I'm still motivated”
Writing the parallel chart …
 Was beneficial and liberating38% (n=43)12% (n=15)38% (n=12)
“It was liberating, almost therapeutic”
“Satisfied and accomplished”
“Interested in applying a methodology that I have not used to date”
“The narration has put me at the patient level, a parallel level, but with meeting points. It does not exist in geometry but in reality, it does!”
 Made me reflect33% (n=38)31% (n=39)13% (n=4)
“By concentrating on the patient's experience, the doctor is obliged to expose himself as a person, sympathetic with the subject visited, because he is subject to the same psycho-social and affective dynamics”
“It caused me not to run, but to think and rethink, he brought back the focus on the man, rather than on the patient”
 Made me feel complete23% (n=26)10% (n=13)38% (n=12)
“A useful moment of reflection. Often in the hospital you feel a machine that has to “crunch” visits. Thanks to writing the parallel charts I felt human once again”
“I felt helpful and positive, happy with my work and the relationship I can build with several patients. Watching such situations makes us realise how important the emotional aspects of our profession are and I hope that other colleagues who are less interested in this aspect will see the improvements that this approach can make to people's lifes”
 Was demanding6% (n=7)5% (n=6)13% (n=4)
“I have struggled a bit to detach myself from the scientific methodology I'd been using for years, but it was a great challenge and I hope I can do a decent job”