Socioeconomic factors beyond income

Low-income smokers (<USD15000 per year)Higher-income smokers (>USD15000 per year)p-value
Education beyond high school4577<0.0001
 Own home1970<0.0001
 Lack a permanent home50.5<0.0001
Have health insurance9097<0.0001
Access to preventative care
 Get preventative care from doctor/clinic8897<0.0001
 Get preventative care from emergency room81<0.0001
 Do not get preventative care42<0.0001
Lack a primary-care physician93<0.0001
Have access to internet5589<0.0001
 Worked in a dusty job5440<0.0001
 Worked in a fumes-related job4945<0.0001

Data are presented as %, unless otherwise stated.