Ratio of blood vessel volume in vessels <5 mm2 in cross-section (BV5) to total blood vessel volume (TBV) by lung lobe and bronchiectasis status

Lung lobeSubjects without bronchiectasisSubjects with bronchiectasisp-value
Right upper lobe64±765±80.90
Right middle lobe54±954±100.91
Right lower lobe58±755±90.004
Left upper lobe62±761±70.87
Left lower lobe55±951±100.0008

Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. Results are from univariate comparisons of BV5/TBV×100 between subjects with bronchiectasis in a specific lobe only and those without bronchiectasis in any lobe. Missing values: one subject had no lobar vascular measurements and one subject had no vascular measurement in the right middle lobe.