Differences in mean anxiety from baseline and between groups

Mean improvement from baselineDifference in mean improvement
(95% CI, p-value)
CBT groupLeaflet group
HADS-Anxiety Subscale at 3 months3.40 (n=115)1.88 (n=121)1.52# (0.49–2.54, p=0.003)
HADS-Anxiety Subscale at 6 months3.42 (n=101)2.36 (n=99)1.05 (−0.04–2.14, p=0.05)
HADS-Anxiety Subscale at 12 months3.35 (n=93)1.89 (n=79)1.43 (0.28–2.66, p=0.016)

CBT: cognitive behavioural therapy; HADS: Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale. #: the mean difference is higher than the HADS-Anxiety Score minimal clinically important difference of 1.50 [17].