Abundances of bacterial families and alpha diversity measurements at the onset of the acute respiratory tract infection (ARI) and 3 weeks after the onset

At ARI onset (swab A)3 weeks after ARI onset (swab B)
Bacterial family abundance %
 Moraxellaceae52.4 (66.5)49.5 (66.2)
 Streptococcaceae19.2 (41.03)16.31 (33.9)
 Corynebacteriaceae0.1 (0.7)0.2 (1.1)#
 Pasteurellaceae0.4 (1.9)0.3 (1.5)
 Staphylococcaceae0.1 (0.6)0.1 (0.6)
  “Others”6.6 (14.7)9.4 (27.3)#
Alpha diversity measurements
 SDI1.0 (0.8)1.1 (1.2)
 Bacterial richness33 (35)38 (36)

Data are presented as median (interquartile range). SDI: Shannon Diversity Index. #: abundance of Corynebacteriaceae and “Others” were significantly different between swab A and swab B (p=0.002 and 0.004, respectively, Wilcoxon signed rank sum test); : SDI and bacterial richness are lower at swab A compared to swab B (p=0.013 and 0.052, respectively, Wilcoxon signed rank sum test).