Baseline characteristics of all subjects followed for mortality at the second peripheral arterial disease (PAD) assessment

OverallNo COPD or PADCOPD only#PAD onlyCOPD and PAD#
Age years71.73±6.5871.13±6.3672.79±5.9574.58±7.2174.84±6.89
Women1785 (57.20)1435 (57.90)87 (43.90)246 (62.10)17 (33.30)
BMI kg·m−226.87±3.8926.94±3.8626.91±3.7826.55±4.0825.83±3.72
Ever smoker2049 (65.60)1580 (63.80)163 (82.30)261 (65.9)45 (88.2)
Smoking duration pack-years25.47±22.5023.99±22.0134.13±26.6226.49±19.8539.78±25.63
Diabetes mellitus816 (26.10)608 (24.50)63 (31.80)130 (32.80)15 (29.40)
HDL/cholesterol ratio0.24±0.070.25±0.070.25±0.080.23±0.060.25±0.08

Data are presented as n (%) or mean±sd, and are represented by imputed values. Data are stratified as subjects without chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and without PAD, subjects with COPD only, subjects with PAD only and subjects with both COPD and PAD. BMI: body mass index; HDL: high-density lipoprotein. #: the total number of individuals with COPD at follow-up was 249 (COPD only (n=198) plus COPD and PAD (n=51)). This represents those subjects with COPD at baseline (n=85; table 1) plus those individuals that acquired COPD during follow-up. : smoking duration in pack-years is presented for former and current smokers only.