Impact of asthma on daily activities in patients with severe persistent asthma

Impact on patients’ lives %
 Disruption of activities of daily living89.
 Disruption of physical activities84.
 Disruption of sleep97.0
 Negative impact on self-esteem53.
 Negative impact on professional life58.036.055.0
Wellbeing assessment %
 Felt cheerful and in good spirits4.03.04.0
 Felt calm and relaxed5.03.05.0
 Felt active and vigorous11.02.010.0
 Woke up feeling fresh and relaxed15.09.014.0
 Daily life has been filled with things that interest me6.05.06.0

#: data for adolescent and paediatric patients were captured through their caregivers. : Data are reported for the caregivers of the adolescent and paediatric patients.