Comparison of patients with a non-low risk Pulmonary Embolism Severity Index (PESI) score who were ambulated or admitted

VariableAmbulated (n=52)Admitted (n=29)p-value
Age years (mean)74.676.20.53
Male gender28 (53.8)11 (38)0.63
Pulse rate beats·min−184.3950.003
Systolic BP mmHg136.9137.40.91
Oxygen saturation %95.392.40.001
Use of oxygen2 (3.8)12 (41.3)0.0007
Respiratory rate breaths·min−11820.90.004
Temperature °C36.236.50.069
Altered mental status0 (0)1 (3.4)0.36
Heart failure5 (9.6)7 (24.1)0.15
Cancer26 (50)9 (31)0.11
Lung disease20 (38.4)11 (38)0.85
PESI score110.8114.10.51
Troponin ng·mL−1 (n=22)

Data is presented as n or n (%), unless otherwise stated. BP: blood pressure.