Interview topic guide

DemographicsAge; marital status; occupation status; highest education attained; technology (mobile or smartphone; personal computer; laptop); smoking history.
Disease experienceCan you discuss your experience of your COPD?
What is the role of family and friends when managing your COPD?
What types of self-management practices do you perform?
How do you feel about self-managing?
Can you discuss how you manage your symptoms?
Can you tell me about an exacerbation you had?
Can you discuss the last time you ended up in the GP clinic and/or hospital?
Healthcare experienceCan you tell me about the kinds of care you receive or have received for your COPD?
How do you feel about the care you receive for your COPD?
Is the care you are receiving meeting your needs?
Health data and DHTDo you record/log information about your health? If so, why/how? If not, why?
Do you think you could provide HCPs (e.g. GP or consultant) with more information about your health day-to-day?
What types of information do you think your doctor should have about your health?
How would you feel about using a DHT (e.g. oximeter, COPD-related smartphone app, spirometer, self-reported outcomes platform, etc.), to generate health information/data about yourself?
What do you think about capturing information/data in the home?
How might collecting health information/data at home impact how you manage your COPD?
Can you discuss why you might share information/data you collect with your HCP?
How do you think these types of information/data could be used by your HCP to manage and treat your COPD?
Can you tell me how these types of data could be collected that would be suitable for you and your needs?

COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; GP: general practitioner; DHT: digital health technology; HCP: healthcare professional.