Overview of the results of the main questions on life habits related to portable oxygen therapy

6) When do you use this therapy?
 Only during the night7.99%
 Only during the day8.95%
 During the day and night83.06%
7) Why do you have a portable oxygen source (POC/portable liquid oxygen)?
 Because I need oxygen all day31.80%
 Because when I do an effort my blood oxygen goes down59.65%
 Because when I exercise, I drown8.33%
 I don't know0.23%
10) Was a walking test with oxygen performed to know the needed oxygen amount?
 Yes, with hospital oxygen27.69%
 Yes, with a portable oxygen concentrator27.24%
11) On average, you leave your home:
 Several times a day8.55%
 Once a day45.65%
 Five or six times a week19.92%
 Three or four times a week10.64%
 One or two times a week7.77%
 Two or three times a month3.88%
 Less than once a month3.60%
12) On average, how long are you out of your home?
 More than 3 h a day17.61%
 Between 1 and 3 h a day70.51%
 Less than 1 h a day11.87%
13) In general, how often do you use portable oxygen?
 Several times a day6.30%
 Once a day37.93%
 Five or six times a week19.19%
 Three or four times a week18.91%
 One or two times a week8.10%
 Two or three times a month4.90%
 Less than once a month4.67%
14) On average, how long do you use portable oxygen each time you go out?
 More than 3 h6.25%
 Between 2 and 3 h18.91%
 Between 1 and 2 h46.31%
 Between half an hour and 1 h19.86%
 Less than half an hour8.67%
15) In general, where do you use portable oxygen?
 Inside your home1.24%
 Outside of your home80.92%
 Both outside and inside your home17.84%
16) Outside your home, you use portable oxygen for (multiple answers):
 Go for a walk39.45%
 Visit family and friends31.63%
 Go shopping17.05%
 Go to the medical centre, clinic or hospital87.00%
18) On average, for how long do you use portable oxygen connected to the electrical grid?
 More than 3 h
 Between 2 and 3 h
 Between 1 and 2 h
 Between half an hour and 1 h
 Less than half an hour
23) How do you transport the portable oxygen?
 On the shoulder33.54%
 With a wheel trolley51.94%
 It is carried by a family member/caregiver14.52%
24) How do you rate the battery life?
 Very insufficient24.76%
25) What are the reasons you like having portable oxygen (multiple answers)?
 It allows me to leave the house with less choking78.90%
 It gives me the peace of mind to leave my home66.01%
 At home, I can move without using extension cords15.91%
 They are light and easy to use7.88%
26) What are the reasons you do not like using portable oxygen devices (multiple answers)?
 They are too heavy83.74%
 They are difficult to use32.25%
 They make too much noise13.62%
 I do not want people to see that I need oxygen28.14%

POC: portable oxygen concentrator.