Multivariate adjusted odds ratios (aORs) between characteristics at baseline in 2017 and presence of recurrent cough# at 12-month follow-up

Characteristic at baselineaOR (95% CI)p-value
Wheezing2.85 (1.34–6.09)0.007
Family history of chronic cough2.25 (1.10–4.60)0.027
Duration of cough 3–8 weeks2.22 (0.99–4.21)0.055
Dog ownership2.09 (0.95–4.59)0.066
Somatic symptom score1.31 (1.08–1.58)0.006

The subjects without any cough in 2018 served as a reference group. #: current cough at 12 months with interruptions during the last 12 months (n=66); : aOR is expressed per somatic symptom.