Multivariate adjusted odds ratios (aORs) between characteristics at baseline in 2017 and presence of continuous cough# at 12-month follow-up

Characteristic at baselineaOR (95% CI)p-value
Trigger (any)7.87 (1.59–38.90)0.011
BMI >25 kg·m−25.33 (1.70–16.67)0.004
Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease4.35 (1.19–15.91)0.026
LCQ total score0.79 (0.661–0.932)0.006

The subjects without any cough in 2018 served as a reference group. BMI: body mass index; LCQ: Leicester Cough Questionnaire. #: cough that has lasted, without any interruptions, from the 2017 survey up to 2018 (n=29); : aOR is expressed per one-point increase in LCQ.