Characteristics of participants in the European Community Respiratory Health Survey III stratified by snoring and nocturnal gastro-oesophageal (nGOR)

No snoring or nGOROnly snoringp-valueOnly nGORp-valueSnoring and nGORp-value
Participants4484833 304 94 
Age years mean±sd54±7.255±6.8<0.00155±7.00.0156±6.90.03
Female sex55%37%<0.00157%0.5946%0.06
BMI kg·m−226.0 (23.5–29.1)28.3 (25.6–31.6)<0.00127.6 (24.8–30.4)<0.00128.7 (26.3–32.2)<0.001
Smoking status<0.0010.060.07
Never-smoker43%34% 37% 30% 
Former smoker41%42% 43% 48% 
 Current smoker16%24% 21% 22% 
Smoking history pack-years0.5 (0–16.9)9 (0–25.6)<0.0013.4 (0–25.5)0.0059.8 (0–29.2)0.005

Data are presented as median (interquartile range) unless otherwise stated. p-values were calculated for differences compared to subjects with no snoring or nGOR. BMI: body mass index.