The bivariate associations between characteristics at baseline in 2017 and presence of any cough at the 12-month follow-up

Characteristic at baselineSubjects with any cough at follow-up (n=99)Subjects without any cough at follow-up (n=89)p-value
Family history of chronic cough56.1%37.1%0.009
History of previous episodes of prolonged cough29.3%14.6%0.016
Cough trigger85.9%61.8%<0.001
Chronic rhinitis32.3%16.9%0.014
Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease18.2%7.9%0.038
Age years51.5 (49.6–53.3)48.5 (46.5–50.6)0.035
BMI >25 kg·m−267.7%46.6%0.004
Duration of cough 3–8 weeks42.4%27.0%0.027
Somatic symptom score3.74 (3.31–4.16)2.57 (2.22–2.92)<0.001
LCQ total score14.9 (14.28–15.53)16.1 (15.53–16.67)0.006
Dog ownership36.4%21.3%0.024
Education years15.9 (15.35–16.41)16.5 (16.01–17.07)0.084
Family members1.68 (1.42–1.94)1.89 (1.65–2.13)0.089

Data are presented as mean (95% CI) unless otherwise stated. Characteristics with at least suggestive association (p<0.10) and sex are presented. BMI: body mass index; LCQ: Leicester Cough Questionnaire.