Target and organ at risk doses

PTV D95% Gy58.1±2.716.3±3.359.7±0.658.6±1.1
Mean heart Gy10.9±7.98.4±7.412.2±3.515.9±8.4
Mean oesophagus Gy18.5±5.612.0±5.716.6±10.429.1±5.2
Lung NTCP %9.6±2.07.6±1.512.6±5.318.3±5.3

Data are presented as mean±sd. EBUS: endobronchial ultrasound; TBNA: transbronchial needle aspiration; PET: positron emission tomography; PTV: planning target volume; D95%: treatment volume receiving >95% of planned dose; NTCP: normal tissue complication probability. #: EBUS-positive/PET-negative, n=4, dose was changed; : EBUS-negative/PET-positive, n=4 (because two out of six patients where EBUS identified a lesser extent of lymph node disease could not reasonably be encompassed within a radical radiotherapy field when planned based on PET alone and therefore plans were not created), potential change in dose.