Patient demographics and staging information

PatientSitePathologyEBUS-sampled stationsStations sampled nEBUS positiveEBUS negativeDiscrepant sites#
Upstaged1RLLAdenocarcinoma7, 4R27, 4RNone4R
2RULNSCLCPre-carinal, 7, 2R3Pre-carinal7, 2R4R
3Left hilumSquamous7, LLL, 4L37, LLL4L7
4RULAdenocarcinoma4R, 7, 11R37, 11R4R7
Downstaged5RLLSquamous4R, 7274R2R, 4R
6RLLSquamous4L, 2R, 4R, 2L, 7, 11R67, 11R4L, 2R, 4R, 2L2L, 4L, 2R, 4R
7RLLNSCLC4R, 4L, 11R, 7411R, 7 (atypia)4R, 4L4R, 4L
8RLLNSCLC4R, 4L24R, 4LNone2R
9RULSquamous4R, 7, 10R37, 10R4R2R, 4R
10RULNSCLC2R, pre-carinal, 4R, right hilum4Pre-carinal2R, 4R, right hilum2R

EBUS: endobronchial ultrasound; RLL: right lower lobe; RUL: right upper lobe; NSCLC: non-small cell lung cancer. #: between positron emission tomography-computed tomography and EBUS-guided transbronchial needle aspiration.