Demographic features of healthy individuals, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients, α1-antitrypsin-deficient subjects with the PiSZ genotype and the combined PiZZ cohort

Age years61.5±10.566.0±9.452.4±15.157.2±11.2
 Male28 (52.8)50 (64.1)50 (55.6)117 (49.0)
 Female25 (47.2)28 (35.9)40 (44.4)122 (51.0)
FEV1 % pred109.97±15.7654.49±22.4690.00±32.6666.21±32.02
FEV1/FVC %76.93±6.2847.59±15.6863.28±21.1248.44±20.51
KCO % pred97.60±17.5564.89±19.8785.62±27.7563.52±18.92
Perc15 HUNANANA−950.79±26.73
HU910 %NANANA44.40±18.29
HU950 %NANANA19.90±14.67

Data are presented as n, mean±sd or n (%). FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC: forced vital capacity; KCO: transfer coefficient of the lung for carbon monoxide; Perc15: density below which the lowest 15% of voxels occurs; HU910 and HU950: proportion of voxels with density below these Hounsfield unit thresholds. Full analysis of computed tomography densitometry (used widely in observational and clinical trials) was available for 191 patients and this dataset is summarised for the PiZZ α1-AT-deficient patients only. #: FEV1 n=77, FEV1/FVC n=76 and KCO n=28; : FEV1 n=237, FEV1/FVC n=238 and KCO n=233.