Model 2: independent predictors for a decision for (or against) a palliative approach

OR for palliative care (95% CI)p-value
 Geriatric or palliative careReference
 Intensive care unit0.41 (0.15–1.12)0.081
 Pulmonology or internal medicine0.16 (0.05–0.47)0.001
Concerns of other professional groups#0.26 (0.12–0.60)0.001
Guardianship2.69 (1.10–6.58)0.030

OR <1 shows a lower probability for a palliative approach. #: these respondents stated that the concerns of other professional groups (e.g. nurses) involved in patient care had influenced their decision in the specific case they were asked to recall; : these respondents stated that they actively asked if a guardianship was in place in the specific case they were asked to recall.