Parameter estimates for the course of decline of per cent predicted forced vital capacity from onset of disease (Model 1)

ParameterSignificance of parameterOverall cohort
Mean (se)#95% CI
b1 %Initial vital capacity100.3 (3.8)92.8, 107.9
b2 %Decline from initial vital capacity−74.1 (4.6)−83.2, −65.0
b3 monthsMidpoint between initial and final vital capacity (from disease onset)17.2 (1.5)14.3, 20.2
b4 monthsTimescale factor representing rapidity of decline13.3 (1.1)11.2, 15.4
b1+b2 %Final vital capacity26.2 (2.1)22.1, 30.4

#: p<0.001 for all parameter estimates, indicating that all four parameters contributed significantly to the per cent predicted forced vital capacity.