Factors associated with discordant results between tests in the univariate analysis

OR (95% CI)p-value
 <65 years10.92
 ≥65 years1.05 (0.4–2.71)
 Male1.05 (0.4–2.71)
Type of cancer diagnosis by location
 Haematologic0.92 (0.19–4.42)0.92
Cancer status
 Partial or complete remission10.84
 Current management with palliative or curative chemotherapy1.67 (0.54–5.18)
 Current management with other treatments1.81 (0.41–7.98)
 Progression, with follow-up0.98 (0.19–5.2)
 Initial staging, before the beginning of treatment1.96 (0.35–11.17)
Scar of BCG vaccine
 Yes0.65 (0.25–1.71)0.39
Comorbidities associated with immunosuppression
 Treatment with other immunosuppressants1.98 (0.69–5.78)0.43
 Corticosteroid use for >90 days4.25 (0.69–26.22)
 Insulin-dependent diabetes2.83 (0.27–29.9)
 History of haematopoietic stem cell transplant2.83 (0.27–29.9)
 Yes0.99 (0.26–3.81)0.99

BCG: bacille Calmette–Guérin. #: nonhaematologic cancers were grouped for analysis; : cases of management with palliative and curative chemotherapy were grouped for analysis.