Asthma history

Age at asthma onset years26.9±20.4
 ≤12496 (34)
 13–39544 (37)
 ≥40417 (29)
 Missing data8
Asthma duration years27.4±17.9
Pulmonology follow-up duration years13.5±12.7
History of acute severe asthma757 (52)
>2 exacerbations in the past year949 (65)
Exacerbation history in the past year
 Medical consultations2.6±3.1
 Hospitalisations for asthma0.5±1.3
 Visits to emergency room0.6±1.7
 Severe exacerbation2.5±3.1
Absenteeism from work/school due to asthma in the past year days35.3±68.1

Data are presented as n, mean±sd or n (%).