Mean rates of asthma-specific health services use (HSU) and prescriptions by sex

OutcomeWomenMenStandardised difference#
Subjects131 62877 426
Asthma-specific HSU per 100 person-years
 Spirometry visits24.1±64.632.4±91.20.105
 Asthma-specific ED visits0.9±12.10.7±6.80.025
 Asthma-specific hospitalisations0.8±20.50.4±9.70.029
 Asthma-specific physician office visits30.4±97.831.7±107.90.012
 Asthma-specific specialist visits10.3±45.010.4±47.20.003
Asthma-specific medication use per person-year
 Asthma controller prescriptions3.5±5.14.0±6.00.088
 Asthma reliever prescriptions1.8±3.82.0±4.80.046

Data are presented as n or mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. #: standardised difference of >0.1 generally considered different (shown in bold).