Mechanical test loads (M1–M6) as combinations of resistors and compliances (the same inertance tube was used in all test loads) and ventilation parameters

Mechanical test loadM1M2M3M4M5M6
Resistor (R) hPa·s·L−1R1 1.8#/1.9R2 4.5#/4.8R3 8.4#/8.7R4 11.8#/12.4R5 14.0#/14.2
Compliance (C) mL·hPa−1C1 16.80C2 2.95
Tidal volume mL700700700300300300
Frequency min−1151515303030

#: measured at 50 mL·s−1; : measured at the mean flow of the ventilator setting.