Efficacy of azithromycin on quality of life in severe asthma at end of treatment (observed data only)

AQLQ mean score5.45 (5.19–5.70)5.61 (5.41–5.82)+0.029
AQLQ Activity domain5.55 (5.29–5.81)5.70 (5.49–5.90)+0.063
AQLQ Symptoms domain5.28 (5.02–5.55)§5.49 (5.28–5.71)ƒ0.031
AQLQ Emotions domain5.37 (5.03–5.71)§5.57 (5.29–5.85)ƒ0.017
AQLQ Environment domain5.76 (5.49–6.02)§5.68 (5.46–5.91)ƒ0.262

Data are presented as mean (95% CI) unless otherwise stated. No significant interaction was present. AQLQ: Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire. #: ANCOVA adjusted for baseline measurement, phenotype (noneosinophilic/eosinophilic asthma) and phenotype–treatment interaction; : n=95; +: n=113; §: n=96; ƒ: n=115.