Patients' survey on Appnea-Q

Did you find the automatic answers of the questionnaire helpful?
 Yes54 (72.0)
 Partially18 (24.0)
 No3 (4.0)
Did you find the frequent problems section useful?
 Yes66 (88.0)
 Partially8 (10.7)
 No1 (1.3)
Did you find the dietary, sleep/health and CPAP tips helpful?
 Yes62 (82.7)
 Partially13 (17.3)
Would you recommend this app to other people?
 Yes64 (86.5)
 No4 (5.4)
 Don't know6 (8.1)
Do you think the app could help reduce the number of visits to the hospital?
 Yes48 (64.9)
 No9 (12.2)
 Don't know17 (23.0)
Would you like to use this app for your control of sleep apnoeas?
 Yes55 (73.3)
 No6 (8.0)
 Don't know14 (18.7)

Data are presented as n or n (%); percentages may not total 100% due to rounding. CPAP: continuous positive airway pressure.