Sleep healthcare professionals' survey on Appnea-Q usefulness and impact on hospital visits and workplaces

Sleep physiciansSleep nurses/technicians
Do you think that this app can be useful for control and monitoring of patients with sleep apnoea?
 Yes17 (100)12 (92.3)
 No01 (7.7)
 Don't know00
Do you think that using this app could reduce the number of hospital visits?
 Yes11 (64.7)9 (69.2)
 No01 (7.7)
 Don't know6 (35.3)3 (23.1)
In what situations do you think this app could be useful? (Multiple choices)
 First month of CPAP treatment15 (88.2)12 (92.3)
 Non-compliant patients4 (23.5)3 (23.1)
 Routine follow-up8 (47.1)7 (53.8)
Do you think that this system can reduce jobs because of more telematic contact but less hospital visits?
 Yes2 (11.8)2 (15.4)
 No10 (58.8)6 (46.1)
 Don't know5 (29.4)5 (38.5)

Data are presented as n or n (%); percentages may not total 100% due to rounding. CPAP: continuous positive airway pressure.