Comparison of cough between male and female subjects

Patients n3239
Dementia type n
C2 log g·L−10.97±0.470.90±0.520.27
C5 log g·L−11.16±0.511.10±0.490.5
Cu log g·L−10.40±0.430.42±0.490.9
UTC slope1.00±0.661.03±0.720.99

Data are presented as mean±sd unless otherwise stated and were analysed using the Mann–Whitney test. p-Values less than 0.05 were deemed to represent significant difference. AD: Alzheimer's disease; DLB: dementia with Lewy bodies; Cx: lowest concentration of inhaled citric acid that could induce ≥x coughs; Cu: concentration of citric acid at a threshold of UTC; UTC: urge-to-cough.