Comparison of cough among the three study groups

Patients n223019
Sex (M/F) n/n14/89/219/10
C2 log g·L−10.73±0.440.89±0.441.22±0.520.0030.002
C5 log g·L−10.89±0.491.07±0.391.46±0.490.0010.0004
Cu log g·L−10.24±0.450.36±0.370.67±0.520.0080.004
UTC slope1.23±0.701.02±0.780.75±0.400.0830.116

Data are presented as mean±sd and were analysed using one-way ANOVA (p-values) or using two-way ANOVA when adjusting for gender (p1-values). Values in bold show where significant differences were expressed (p<0.05 or p1<0.05). AD: Alzheimer's disease; DLB: dementia with Lewy bodies; Cx: lowest concentration of inhaled citric acid that could induce ≥x coughs; Cu: concentration of citric acid at a threshold of UTC; UTC: urge-to-cough.