Functional status and right heart catheterisation at baseline, as well as 1 and 2 years after discontinuation of interferon-β and initiation of pulmonary arterial hypertension-specific therapy

6MWT m 513502
RAP mmHg563
PAP syst/diast/mean mmHg74/42/5349/21/3041/20/27
PAWP mmHg1076
CO L·min−
CI L·min−1·m−
PVR Wood units133.53.3

Vasoreactivity testing during the first right heart catheterisation with intravenous epoprostenol up to 12 ng·kg−1·min−1 was negative. 6MWT: 6-min walking test; NYHA-FC: New York Heart Association functional class; RAP: right atrial pressure; PAP: pulmonary artery pressure; syst: systolic; diast: diastolic; PAWP: pulmonary artery wedge pressure; CO: cardiac output; CI: cardiac index; PVR: pulmonary vascular resistance.