The incidence rate ratio (IRR) for episodes of recurrent wheeze at 2 years of age are given by factors observed in infants admitted to hospital with acute bronchiolitis, based on zero-truncated negative binomial regression analysis

Recurrent wheeze IRR (95% CI)p-value
Viral detection during acute bronchiolitis
 RSV0.95 (0.70–1.28)0.86
 HRV0.72 (0.57–0.91)0.16
 HRV A or B0.58 (0.40–0.83)0.14
 HRV C0.84 (0.65–1.09)0.51
 RSV high genomic load0.92 (0.73–1.15)0.70
 HRV high genomic load0.61 (0.38–0.99)0.31
 Multiple viruses0.91 (0.72–1.16)0.69
Allergic sensitisation#
 Any sensitisation1.46 (0.97–2.19)0.36
 Any food sensitisation1.53 (1.0–2.36)0.32
 Any inhalant sensitisation1.18 (0.48–2.90)0.85
 Egg sensitisation3.58 (1.82–3.58)0.059
 Cow's milk sensitisation0.49 (0.29–0.95)0.17
 Peanut sensitisation1.45 (0.25–8.33)0.83
 Polysensitisation1.44 (0.60–3.49)0.68
Salivary morning cortisol1.01 (1.0–1.0)0.56

The zero-truncated negative binomial regression analysis are adjusted for sex, age at inclusion and parental atopy. RSV: respiratory syncytial virus; HRV: human rhinovirus.#: specific immunoglobulin E ≥0.35 kU·L−1.